Product Safety And Testing

Product Testing And Safety

Why We Test All Our Products


We test every product to make sure the product is real and not a fake product. so that it is safe for your use.


We test the quality of our products to make sure the cannabinoids meet the quality standards.


We test every product so that you know exactly what is in the product you are consuming for your safety.

What Are COAs and Why Are They Important

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) serves as an invaluable document within the realm of hemp and cannabis products. Think of it as a comprehensive dossier that meticulously discloses the composition and safety attributes of a given product. The discerning consumer, by perusing these COAs, gains profound insights into the product’s potency and its adherence to safety standards.

These insights, in turn, empower consumers to make judicious and well-informed purchasing decisions. An overarching benefit of COAs lies in their ability to demarcate products of unimpeachable reputation from those of a less desirable quality. In essence, COAs elevate consumer choice to a level of sophistication, ensuring transparency, accountability, and confidence within the cannabis industry.

How To Find COA Files

You Can Find the COAs by taking your camera and scanning the QR code on the back of the product or going to a product on the store and looking under the COAs collum to download the COAs.

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