As winter fades away, the allure of spring beckons us outdoors to embrace the thrill of physical activities. Spring sports offer a variety of opportunities for us to engage in recreational activities. However, along with the excitement of these activities often comes fatigue soreness, and muscle soreness that can cause discomfort. At Canyon Hemp Company in Canyon, TX we aim to help you feel better in a natural way that offers pain relief without medication.

The Thrill of Spring Sports

Whether you are into hiking, mountain biking, a game of tennis, or pickleball, spring sports cater to all preferences and skill levels and we see a variety of customers looking for pain relief from tired, achy and sore muscles.

Understanding How Topical Creams Aid in Recovery

Our Canyon CBD Store sells are variety of hemp-derived topicals including, Canyon Hemp Company’s own Muscle Freeze. This all-natural roll-on gel offers temporary relief from muscle and joint pain through topical application. It is formulated to create a cooling sensation, numbing the area and alleviating discomfort. The muscle freeze product provides targeted relief without systemic absorption. Our products are carefully curated and manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility meeting industry-standard quality specifications and is approved by the FDA. All Canyon Hemp Company products include a certificate of analysis, ensuring the safety and quality of any of our products.

Benefits of Canyon Hemp Company’s Muscle Freeze

Muscle freeze products go beyond pain relief; they promote faster recovery and reduce downtime between activities. Addressing muscle soreness and inflammation enables athletes to maintain peak performance throughout the season. Additionally, the cooling sensation offers instant relief, soothing tired muscles and enhancing post-activity recovery.

Incorporating Muscle Freeze into Your Routine

Apply the muscle freeze product before spring sports to preemptively address muscle tension and minimize injury risk. After activities, use them to soothe tired muscles and support post-workout recovery.

Real-Life Success Stories

Athletes of all levels attest to the efficacy of the Canyon Hemp Company muscle freeze products in enhancing performance and speeding up recovery. By alleviating pain and expediting recovery, these products enable athletes and active individuals to achieve their goals worry-free and with confidence. You can purchase your topicals and other hemp products directly by visiting our website.

Addressing Common Concerns

Use muscle freeze products in moderation to avoid dependence or desensitization. Combine them with other recovery aids, such as compression therapy and stretching exercises, for comprehensive recovery.


As spring starts to call us outdoors for sports and activities, prioritizing physical well-being is crucial. Our muscle freeze products offer a convenient and effective solution for addressing muscle soreness and discomfort associated with spring sports. By incorporating them into your routine, you can enhance performance, expedite recovery, and fully enjoy the thrill of spring sports.


1)     Is muscle freeze safe for daily use?

Yes, when used as directed and in moderation.

2)     How quickly does muscle freeze start working?

Within minutes of application, providing instant relief.

3)     Can muscle freeze be used for chronic pain?

While it offers temporary relief, it’s not a long-term solution for chronic conditions.

4)     Is muscle freeze suitable for all ages?

Generally safe for all ages, but caution is advised, especially for children and seniors.

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